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What does AthPro360 do?

Features for the modern team and athlete.

Complete Sports Ecosystem

AthPro360 offers the most comprehensive and technologically advanced collegiate athletic scouting and player development platform.

Team & Player Management

AthPro360 syncs with TourneyEngine, making it easy to connect with others, share athletic achievements, and get real-time updates.

360° View
of Players

AthPro360 gathers player performance data to create a 360° view of athletes via patent-pending predictive placement technology.

What is AthPro360?

AthPro360 is the recognized national leader in player performance measurables. The results of our tests are used by serious athletes around the world for development, profiling, and playing at the next level. Using patent-pending algorithms, the Player Performance Evaluation creates a corresponding Athletic Performance Index that is the only true predictive placement metric for athletes.

How are these Evaluations used?

After players receive their athletic performance evaluation and skill evaluation, they will receive two respective grades, the Athletic Performance Index (API) and Skill Performance Index (SPI). These Indexes are cumulative scores that provide a rating in comparison to all other players who have been evaluated in the past.

Once a player receives both the Athletic Performance Index and Skill Performance Index, these metrics are combined into a single Player Performance Index (PPI). This combined score is the only true predictive placement metric that takes into account both the athleticism and skill of a player.


Partners in Play

AthPro360 has partnered with organizations that share our passion for providing players, coaches, and trainers with the tools to get better and gain a deeper understanding of the game.